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    Need 96 seadoo XP help

    I just acquired a 96 seadoo xp from a guy that needs some help and was wondering if I could get so info on here. I'm a big Yamaha GP 1200 guy and I don't know much at all about these XP's. This one appears to be lean seized. It's running a ported motor initialed RD. you may know who he is. I'm not sure. It's has a factory pipe as well. Not sure what one but the guy said its rare (probably not) haha.

    But she's cooked and I'm looking to rebuild it. Looks like it needs to be bored. I'm looking for info now on stock bore size but they are .08 apart. 83.03 and 82.95

    Running what looks like dual 38mm mikinis (stock?) I a think but with only one fuel pump on one carb and looks like the return line from one connected to the other carb. Not sure if this is how it is set up stock or not. Going to break into the carbs and get some jetting tomorrow.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Stock carbs are BN-40-I with pump only on the Mag carb. There are two fuel lines between the carbs, lower is supply to PTO carb and the upper is return. Stock settings are 1.5 N/S, 70 pilot, 142.5 main, LS 1.5, HS closed. These are most likely not your settings with a Factory Pipe. I have been through these carbs many times over the years.

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    Thanks team bilford! Man they sure do look smaller than 40mm tho. I'll check it out later. But your probably right. Now looking at rebuild kits. What is the difference in the 787 and RFI motors? My motor tag states bore 82mm and just 787. So I'm assuming that it is not the RFI motor?

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    If you have carbs, it is not RFI which is injected. The 40-I carbs are on the 38 mm body. You will need to go through them and document all settings and jetting. With a FP, the compression may not be stock either. I came from a long Kawi background and these Rotax motors are different animals. FYI, the base gasket can be one of 5 different thicknesses to alter squish. The jugs are individual and float with no alignment pins. You have to attach the exhaust manifold before you torque the cylinders to the case. If you decide to build this motor, you must identify why it failed or you will do it again. The carbs must be gone through completely, rebuilt and tested. It is a fun motor to rebuild, but it will be an education.

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    That's for sure. And thanks again for the info. I'm trying to learn all I can about this during its rebuild. And as you said. I do t want it to happen again. I probably won't keep this ski, I'll be looking to sell it and don't want to sell a pile. I'll be posting pics here in a few of the pistons. It appeared to be running lean. There in no piston wash up top at all. Yet the jetting is within FP spec but this is with stock porting.

    Main jet : 150 on front (Mag)carb, 152.5 on rear (PTO) carb
    Pilot Jet : 70 (stock)
    High speed screw : 2 turn out from closed on front(Mag) carb, 1 turn out on rear (PTO) carb Low speed screw : 1-2 turns out from closed
    Needle & Seat : 1.5 (stock)
    Spring : 65 gram (stock)

    I'm at main: 152.5 (both)
    Pilot: 80
    N/S. 2.0 115 gram spring

    Again this motor looks to be ported pretty good. Not sure on stock port timing either, so I don't know if they have been lowered or raised. Which like you said brings the base gasket question into play. I have a 6 hole now? Not sure on that thickness but tht is what I'll be planning on now unless I discover something out on port timing.

    It looks to be an R&D head body with stock head plate. Not sure on compression of course because its been in pieces since I got it.

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Here are a few photos of the pistons. Wiseco's 83mm. I'm going to order some ProX at 83.5 and that's as far as I can go with it. I wish someone made a 83.25 but it seems nothing is out there.

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    It is common to run a larger main in the PTO, but you defeat that will the HS needle settings????? Contact RD and hopefully they can tell you the compression. I always use OEM pistons and rings. Sounds like you are going to have some fun with it. LOL.

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    Thanks and great idea. I did just contact them. I failed to mention that is has the one piece R&D flame arrestor. He suggested 175 main jets in there. No change to the pilot and N/S. they offered two different heads for that boat. Race gas and pump gas. I won't know untill I get the thing back together. 170psi for pump and 200 for race fuel. I sure hope is pump!! Haha. I wonder for porting if I shouldn't be in the 177.5-180 range for mains. Can't hurt to got fat and lean back huh??

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    They also said they don't do any port work. So the RD engraved into the cylinder is from someone else.

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    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I should be for jetting? As you can see the PTO has the most damage. So I'm guessing what ever I run in the front run a jet size big in the rear? Like the FP setting suggest as did team bilford. R&D says 175 for the mains and I should be ok on the bottom?

    What do you guys think of the set up down low. FP says 70 pilot and 1.5 N/S with 65 gram spring. As I posted they had 2.0 N/S and 115 gram springs in there when I got it.

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