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    What gauges should I rock?

    Deciding on gauges to add over winter, up to two on each mirror. Thinking AFR and boost for sure, maybe fuel pressure? What else is considered essential?

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    With those few mods, you dont need to "rock" any gauges. You only really need boost and afr's on heavily modded (boosted) skis,

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    My current sig doesn't show my other winter mods, one of which is an RRFPR (but it doesn't have a gauge). That's why I was thinking about an FP gauge.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncdoo View Post
    you dont need to "rock" any gauges.
    Uhh... yeah. I really really do. LOL

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    Don't worry about the fuel pressure gauge...To get it in the mirror, you would need it to be electric. And they do not respond fast enough. Just put a 1.5" liquid filled gauge on the front of that rail you just picked up, and you should be fine

    AFR and boost is all you would need in the mirrors...

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    For your mods .. Yes just like danny stated.. Those two are all you need for your mods.... Like myself... More gauages you have means easier tuning or ball park areas to tune with but also makes you worry more lol I have too many gauges myself

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    If I remember correctly your skis are 06 models with very very low hours. I hope after all the mods and work your going to ride them more often..
    I'm with the other guys on putting the least amount necessary.
    Unless your going turbo turbo turbo..

    Yep you've got the mod sickness...

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    I went gauge crazy for the bling factor, not worth it I have discovered. More hassle, more wiring, more to go wrong and when it does go wrong, more expense to put it right.

    Just go with what Danny stated, AFR and Boost plus a mechanical fuel gauge on the rail.

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    Great. Thanks, guys. I'll go digital AFR and Boost in a single mirror pod, and keep one of my mirrors intact. I have a Riva tank adapter and a Turbosmart RRFPR, and the hoses, so I'll just go find a decent liquid filled FP gauge online. Any recommendations?

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    Just picked up this FP gauge for $25 on Amazon.

    Now off to spend some REAL money (gulp) on some Innovate stuff. Anyone on here do a HowTo doc on installing them yet?

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