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    2002 RXDI cutting out between 3600 and 6000 rpm

    Got a 2002 RXDI with running issue. From 3600 to idle runs smooth and from 6000 up runs smooth. When the rpms anywhere between those ranges the ski cuts out bad. Just for heck of it I disconnected the hose that goes to the rave valves from the rave solenoid. The ski runs smooth as butter through all ranges now but lost rpm's on top which is expected with rave valves not opening. Do I just need to rebuild the Rave's (new seals and o-rings)and clean them or do I have a issue with the supply side system to the valves. When everything hooked up I can hit about 6800 rpm's but the midrange is absolutely horrible.

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    Pull them out and see if they slide in and out freely,2 minute job.

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    Also check the water regulator. It is supposed to inject a solid stream into the pipe at low RPM, then taper off flow at higher RPM. The only way to check this is in the water, best way is to tie down ski tight to the trailer, back in water, then do this test while on the trailer. Disconnect hose at pipe, start ski, at idle = steady stream. Rev engine, stream of water should decrease to low flow.

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    Great news found problem to be faulty Rave solenoid. Had newer small black one that passed air to power valves all the time. Replaced it with older larger Rave valve solenoid and ski runs great hits 6800 rpm, no miss or lack of power.

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    Love a quick resolution to problems

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