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    Worn Gelcoat, should I be concerned

    This is a '96 SPX. Does the gelcoat look like I should do something about it? The hull is still very solid here. The previous owner said it was just from beachings. If it does need attention, whats the best way to go about repairing it?

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    Well, I don't see any holes or fibers hanging out so I'd say structurally it's fine. Either get some gel coat sprayed on or some appliance epoxy paint from Home Depot just to cover the bare spot up.

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    there is most certainly raw fiberglass showing, get some fresh gel coat on that asap. Water will eventually work it's way in there and then you have some real problems.

    Cheap gelocat repair kit will do the job....doesn't have to be a perfect repair, just cover that section where the glass is showing.

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    Pete is right on. The gelcoat keeps water out of the "chop". Water will cause the gelcoat to blister and delaminate. Make sure that you let it dry for a few days and then seal any areas where the glass shows with a gelcoat repair kit. You can also use some various epoxies if you wish. 1258 or metalset would work as well.

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    Thanks a lot guys. I got a gelcoat repair kit today and will try it out tomorrow. Also, the whole underside of the ski is very scuffed up. Like its been beached A LOT by the previous owner. No where else is glass showing though. Would it be advantageous to re-coat the entire underside with something?

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    I would only repair where the glass is exposed to water. The rest is cosmetic.

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    put a sand anchor on your list..I see some pretty rough bottoms around here as our shorelines are not exactly fine grained sand. Sand would be welcome in some places the shores are sharp pea gravel sized bits of pump eating granite.

    The glass at the bare spot eventually starts letting water seep into the hull. It's been abraded by sandpaper more or less so the glass fibers are always compromised

    you can skip the entire bottom for now..just get the big area and any places where you can catch a fingernail in ( you have to make a call on that..maybe only the biggest of the gouges get done)

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