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    1996 Superjet 701 carb rebuild

    I searched all over but really cant find any good info on what to expect/set in terms of carb jets for this ski - so hopefully someone can help me to aim:

    2x Mikuni rebuild kits (These are Mikuni SB 38mm right?)
    2x 2mm Needle and Seats (Is this stock size? I also read 2.3 works good)
    95 Gram springs
    135 Main jet
    Stock Pilot Jet
    Pop-up PSI of 25???

    Low speed screw 1 1/4 turns out
    High speed screw 1 turn out

    Is there a better than stock pilot jet?

    Sound good? From the looks of this setup and compared to my GP12r, onle one carb has a pump and its supplying to both carbs. Also, whoever rebuilt the carbs last time didnt use an impact driver so some screws are kinda shady. Hope I can get/gut them out and replace with Ace Stainless. Hoping no other surprises.

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    Go to

    That's a better forum for superjets and all other stand up jetskis

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    X-h2o will tell you everything you need to know about stand up skis. haha over there I'm CJ's 650

    my 650 has a minkuni 44mm sbn carb. but maybe superjets come with only 38mm since theres 2 carbs? i'd check out x-h2o, more solid info on stand ups

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    Already there and got full suggestion.

    For the record:

    701 engine dual 38mm carbs (stock carbs). Mods listed in signature.

    800ft elevation
    FAs with socks
    75pilot (70 stock)
    135main (130 stock)
    1.5ns (stock)
    115g springs (stock)
    1 turn lows
    1.5 turn highs

    I first tried with 95g springs but it was 'flatuating' down low from being too rich. 115g woke it up from 1/4 to 2/3 throttle.

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