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    2006 12 F Speedometer

    As you know I bought my daughter a STX 12F a while back. The ski still runs flawlessly. I got a chance to use it yesterday and check the speedometer vs my phones gps. Believe it or not the speedometer was right on. I know yall call them dream-o-meters, but mine is perfect. It runs 52mph with me (250 lbs) and my daughter says she has hit 60mph. I told her the speedometer was probably fast...but now I know she was really going that fast!

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    Its not right on all the time, mine read 70mph with me on it (145lbs at the time) I gpsed it at its fastest at 63 a few times but that was with loads of time and parts in it.

    I regularly run 55 now that I have swapped parts out to stock.


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    Going straight on smooth water it's generally accurate but most get a little loopy on light chop, or in turns. It's still fun though to compare with a GPS.

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