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    Anyone bodyboard?

    I'm wanting to learn to bodyboard, and would like to know just two simple answers to my questions as I can't find them with google.

    What are really good bodyboards to get? (not looking for cheap $hit)

    What should I look for in a bodyboard?

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    Custom X makes some nice boards, if you are starting out I would go with something cheaper like a BZ and some decent fins like Churchills.

    As for finding the right board try this:

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    I suggest the KP model...

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    +1 to Custom X, I would recommend an Arcel 2.0 core, 2.3 is crazy stiff.

    Churchills are good fins (I have a pair of Churchills in the bow of my ski at all times) but check out Viper fins also.

    Have fun whatever you end up getting!

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