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    What am I doing wrong, top end on gp1200r seems... Slow

    Hey guys,

    new the the forums but I just finished a fresh top end rebuild on my 2000 gp1200r. Besides D-plate its stock.

    Best I can get out of it on the dreamometer is 60 and that's barely... Is that normal? I figured I should see at least 67-70 on the dream meter.

    Ski seems to be running really well just curious if I'm alone here or if I should be looking at something on the ski.

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    What's your compression after rebuild?
    Dreamometer is not a good way to judge speed.


    Dreamometer could have sand in it and they are always WAY OFF...

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    Compression is good, 117 across the board.

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    I find my Dremometers always read low but both my ski's were salt water used (Seem like they're gummed up). Get a GPS and see what you're actually running.

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    I'll have to do that, whats a good water resistant one?

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    How many RPM's are you turning.

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    The tach on the ski shows 8k but I'm sure thats not accurate.

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