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    Explain the races please

    I'm trying to understand the races and events, for example, what is the difference between the Aqua Cross and Pro Hydrocross? What other types of races are there? Also, how do you look at the course map

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    The aqua x series is an offshore race and the pro hydro x is closed course. It is just in the titles of the promotion. A mere are regional series also such as in my region is R5waterxracing. Each has their own site where you can get more info directly related to each series. Depending on where you live you can just find the racing offered in your area. For example on the west coast they have DJSA and RPM which chimed has closed course, endurance, and offshore. Two separate series but everything is offered. Here in the southeast there is regional closed course, drags, offshore, and the national tour is mostly on this side of the country.

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