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    2000 ZXI Project hit speed wall.

    Hey guys,

    My 2000 ZXI 1100 project has hit a speed wall. I cant seem to break it through a GPSed 63.4 top speed (Dream-o is pinned) this is an actual GPSed speed.

    Currently I am using the Nujet 5.5 with a bored exit nozzle of 85mm and an 1.5" extended steering nozzle also bored to 88mm. The pump core was a new OEM polished out and I also am using Bruce's AAT cone with the 1.5 shuttle long springed.

    For the engine, I am using a SBT bottom end that was case ported and matched to an 82mm top end, Lightened fly wheel, Jumper advance and stock head milled .003" Carbs are 38mm throat bored to 40mm and rejetted off a 1996 1100. My exhaust was ported up .005 and then polished, intake was roughened up and opened just to match nothing more. I left the stock waterbox alone, but I added a custom made flow totalizer that cuts the coolant on idle and resumes coolant when a preset flow is obtained, meaning On no-wakes I can idle down and press a single button, diverting exhaust water overboard until a certain volume is reached (usually I use 10 liters) then coolant is resumed once rpms climb past 4000 or volume preset is exceeded usually 3 seconds into WOT to keep things from burning up.

    My out of the hole is fantastic and out accelerates many non Supercharged skis I have went up against. See some videos of the overall performance out in the sound here in CT below on some you tube posts.

    My questions are to some of you who have modded this ski, How much difference do aftermarket sponsons make in overall top speed? I have NO issues with bounce at any speed up to a 1 to 1.5 foot swell using stock, but dont know if they will make any difference at all over stock. I am happy with the handling. I am using a top loader and an R&D plate.

    If I cut the R&D plate flush (about 2 inches of ride plate) will it make any difference?

    I havent GPSed it with the stock grate since I just bought one so im sure ill pick up something over the top loader but most forums claim only a .3mph drop

    I would like to run the Solas X 12/24 but I can only turn it at 7700rpm versus the nujet 7900 and have considered taking more off the head (.020) which leads to my next question, Did anyone notice a RPM difference using higher compression (150 versus 110)
    or was it mostly a stronger low/mid running a steeper impeller pitch. The X 12/24 gps's at 62.2 with the 200rpm drop

    And lastly my final question is, will gutting the waterbox do anything at all GK states its a good assembly stock but they also say you can get this platform into the 70s

    Thanks for your answers in advance Dont ask me why I didnt just buy a new ski Im funny like this.

    Vid Links (no top speed yet)

    Takeoffs & handling -

    Coolent totalizer -

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    Where in ct are you located?

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    The write up that I read from '03 says to cut a 1" hole in the back baffle of the water box. Mine was a straight pipe when I bought it but is entirely too loud so I recently put a stock box back on it. Haven't taken it out yet to see what kind of speed difference it made, but at this point in my life, 1 or 2 mph doesn't matter to me. I bought mine already modded so I have nothing to compare it to. When I first got it in '03, I raced a pair of new ultra150's and I got them out of the hole but the pulled away from me at 1 or 2 mph. That is the only thing I have ever raced.

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