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    2002 GTX 4TEC - Starts but does not run -

    I bought this 2002 4TEC as a project. Looked like it has had a lot of water in the haul but can't confirm if any went in the engine....salt water of course!!

    Completely pulled everything out, cleaned and replaced what was disintegrated.
    Did not take the motor apart. It wasn't locked up and the valves looked good.

    Put it everything back in the ski.

    Replaced the oil.
    bought CanDoo Pro.
    cleared all faults but can not get it to run.

    What it does:
    - Starts every time but runs for only 2 seconds and shuts down. No throttle response.
    - Engine sounds ok when it starts

    What I have checked and done:
    - No faults on CanDoo and cluster
    - Compression is even on all 3 cylinders @ 120Psi
    - Replaced both harnesses
    - New gas
    - Replaced the complete throttle body
    - Reset idle speed valve
    - Reset TPS, however, due to the year of the ski, I can not see the TPS values but it resets without giving me an error message
    - Installed fuel pressure gauge...stays at 43 psi
    - Enabled coils and injectors with CannDoo...all works
    - No limp mode activated
    - TOPS not activated
    - Replaced MPEM
    - Did not replace the ECU

    If anyone has seen this happen before and have any suggestions, I would really appreciate it.


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    Did you check the fuel pump or fuel pickup?
    It's probably clogged from old fuel and gunk..

    Also did you put new spark plugs and some fuel Injector cleaner in it??
    Try the easy stuff 1st..

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    Tks WOT,

    Yes, new plugs....removed and cleaned the fuel pump and filter.
    Activated the fuel pump using the CanPro S/W. Disconnected the fuel hose at the rail and checked flow that way. Flow was good. Also mentioned that the fuel pressure was per Spec.

    Did not use injector cleaner but checked the spray and seemed ok.

    Would you know if even thu I don't have any faults, the ECU could be bad?

    Tks again for the input.

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    I've seen a bad ecu with no codes..

    Do you have a donor ski to borrow a ecu?

    I'd hate to see you buy 1 to find out its not the ecu.

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    Compression sounds low. Should be 185 if I remember right? The supercharged has lower compression than the NA 4 tecs.

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    I've seen different guages give different compression #s.
    The fact that they are all the same is good.

    A leak down test is the best way to determine if the cylinders are good.
    Should be less than 20% in all holes..

    120 is low.
    Should be 130-150

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    I agree that the compression seems low, however, I'm thinking that it could be due to the fact that this engine has not ran in a long time.

    I do need to try to swap the ECU. I have access to a 2006 RXT but it is a SC ski. The fuel schedule maybe different than a non SC unit, but I'm wondering if the wiring is the same where I can at least plug it in and see if it tries to
    runs somewhat better/different than now???

    What's your take on using a SC ECU? Plug n play or not?

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    I have done additional troubleshooting and one thing that I have noticed is that every time I push the start button, the starter engages and instrument cluster "resets"....all needles max out and digital display lights up all the segments.....basically same thing as when you put the key in....the ski starts and shuts right down.

    Checked all grounds...all good.

    Hope this is something anyone has seen before....

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    I don't think it's a cluster issue but an indication that could provide a hint as to where the problem is coming from....

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