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    2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser Winterization

    I've had posted a similar question last year but here goes.

    2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser with about 110 hours on it. Oil was changed fall 2011 and only put a few hours on it last year, had my mechanic flush with anti-freeze, and only ran it for the length of time it took to burn a tank and a quarter of fuel this year. Should I just flush it with anti-freeze myself this year? I used to flush my two-stroke Sea Doo with a hose, gravity, a funnel, and anti-freeze. Is it that simple on a four stroke? The oil is two years old but it is synthetic and can't have more than ten to twelve hours on it. Very similar situation with my 2006 Honda F12X. Worth having oil changed? Waste of money? Just flush with anti-freeze, throw it on a tender, and hope to use it more next year?


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    Ed, this is my first post but I'm very mechanically inclined (aircraft tech in the Air Force, restored a muscle car from the ground up, and have always done my own maintenance on everything I've owned). First, Yamaha and from the other posts I've seen here doesn't require a flush with anti freeze. See one of the stickys where a member has broken down step by step process on winterization on our exact ski.

    Your second question is likely to get numerous responses and it is very opinion based. My personal feeling is use the oil for the recommended duration, synthetic doesn't break down like dino oil. However, contaminants do get into the oil over time but with just 10 hrs on the oil you likely don't have much contamination. I ride my ski enough to justify changing every year and my thought is the oil is a heck of a lot cheaper than rebuilding an engine.

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    And I just realized this was from last year...doh

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