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    4" Kanflex vs R&D Intake ?

    I bought this 04 RXP earlier this year and the previous owner had installed an R&D intake system. Will it make a noticeable difference to change to a 4" Kanaflex intake ? Mods are in sig and I don't plan on any power upgrades at this time I might look for an X charger and bigger injectors in the future.

    The exhaust resonator has been removed with the stock outlet and it drones really bad around 3000 to 3500rpm will a rear exhaust exit get rid of the drone ?

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    The rear exit will get rid of the drone. It will still be loud throughout the RPM range though.

    The old R&D intake system is 3" so a 4" air system will probably give you 50-100 RPM. Add a 14/19R 4 blade and you should see some good gains over your current speed.

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