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    Seadoo Dealership Maintainance

    Hey guys, ive been lurking on the forum for a loooooong time now and i thought you know what its time to sign up

    SO heres my thing, ive got a 09 rxtx, the things done 30 hours since ive owned it from new in 2010 but let me first off say im pretty mechanically inclined, i do all my car maintenance, bike maintenance but for some reason jet skis just are a iffy thing being so costly to repair if they go boom so i take it to the dealer for any mechanical work.

    NOW i just dropped it off to my local seadoo dealer which imo are a ripoff as they absolutly kain you on labour but anyway bear in mind the skis only done 30 hours, serviced on every interval and serviced every year prior to the season (yes i am in AUS) they come back to me saying that the supercharger should be rebuilt as it has been over 2 years?

    i was under the impression that thet're good up until 100 hours then its mandatory if you love the thing that it should be rebuilt/ washers replaced so i wasnt sure i was ready to fork out the $1800 to have it done an opted just for a general service?

    can anybody shed some light on this because i fail to understand how a machine thats only done 30 hours and spent nearly its whole life in storage need a rebuild already?

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    Take it off yourself and send it to Jerry aka Greenhulk and will get it done at a fraction of that cost.

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    only problem is im in australia...

    just wonder what everyones thoughts are though, in theory if its only done 30 easy hours over 2 and a half years its shouldnt need a rebuild though am i correct?

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    Your correct.
    They are just trying to soak you for more $$$

    If your mechanically inclined then oil changes and basic services are all detailed on here for you to doo them yourself.
    Save the cash..

    When you doo rebuild the charger doo the washers and bearings.
    I'd say your good til around 75 hrs.
    I always suggest checking the s/c slip every 20 hrs.
    Your rebuild of the s/c 100% depends on how and where you ride.
    If your on flat water and don't ride it hard then 80-100 hrs on your machine.
    If your coming unhooked a lot and riding it like you stole it then I suggest at 60-75 hrs.
    1800 for a s/c rebuild is outrageous..
    You can buy a new s/c complete for that...

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    Thanks for the reply!

    yeah your right, i could save the money but whilst it was under warranty i thought i may aswell just to aviod conflict if something imploded haha but now its run out im all alone!

    It rediculous isnt it $1800 could get me so much, the thing that he kept saying was "well its been over 2 years and the service manual this the serivce manual that if you dont replace it your up for over $8000 for a complete rebuild if it blows" blah blah blah but regardless if its been over 2 years, how does it wear out if its not being used?

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    Your 09 machine is pretty tough..

    The older s/c had different internal parts that would loose there durability over time.

    He is correct by saying every 2 years but it would mainly pertain to older s/c doos..

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    Many have mention the two year thing but I have never seen anyone provide documentation on that. It has been talked about many times and yet no one can prove the two year thing

    Every 100 hours is correct and that jumps to 200 hours if you rebuild it with the updated kit from BRP.

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    I thought so, ive been looking online for several hours now and i havent seen a thing!

    Can anyone reccomend which motor oil to use? im thinking a castrol 10w40 Full synthetic or motul 5100 10w40?

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    where in Aus are you

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    LOL so the bearings/seal have a built in 2 year timer? Dude at/around 100 hours pull it and send it to a reputable mech. You can check slip in the meantime...

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