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    Nissan Xterra owners what oil?

    You guys that have the Nissan Xterra, what oil and filters are you using?

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    Don't have any input on the oil, but I just rented an Xterra last week when I was in CA for a week. I stuck my foot in it and was very surprised! For a big, serious off road capable truck, the dang thing was quick! Nice motor, pulled hard off idle all the way to red line ... I 'exercised' it every chance I got ...

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    I hate to say it but this Nissan is way more truck and off road than the Ford Escape it replaced...Tows more too! nyuk, nyuk, nyuk...PR...

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    xtera aint got nothing on my jeep grand cherokee

    SO the next person that posts dosnt have to do it..

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    Oh please, I don`t want to break your stones! There are many many many jeeps in the shop, that`s all I`m going to say, Thank you Daimler/chrysler...PR...

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    My cherokee has 140k, miles bought it @ 20k and has never been in the shop !

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    I`ve seen them come and go no matter what brand you own, my friend has 265,000 on his jeep truck with the I6, and my other buddy has 325 on his Ford E-250 van with the I6, so!? I`m not going into this, all I can say is over the years the majority of repairs were made to chrysler products...I`ve owned to many to say for sure what`s best, I would not tell anyone " Yeah, you have to go buy this one"...PR...

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    What sized engine does your xterra have?

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    4.0L V6, for a month now I`ve just been driving it when the 2 of us go out, primarily the misses vehicle. Today some jackass pissed me off and I had to jump on it to get around him, I`m surprised it really took off, not bad for 265 ponies...PR...

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