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    Battery Maintenace

    This is my first year taking care of batteries on my Seadoo. On my boat every year I would take them out and fill them with distilled water and charge every month during the winter. I took the batteries out of the skis and noticed they were a little low on water. The batteries are 2 years old now and showed no weakness during the season. Should I add water and keep them on a smart charger and try and get another year out of them or is 2 years all you get out of them>

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    Two years is about all you will get out of an OEM style wet cell battery. The biggest problem with them is catastrophic and sudden failure leaving in the lake. I have used nothing but Odyssey PC625 batteries for the last 15 years. My first set of two lasted 13 years. One of them was getting weaker very slowly, so I bought another pair 2 years ago. Do not use a trickle charger on an Odyssey, it will undercharge them.

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    I generally only get 2 years out of the OEM Yuasas. Ditch them and go for something like an Odyssey or an AGM (I'm buying a Deka in the spring).

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    2 yrs is a good life for a battery in Florida.
    After 2 years the batteries tend to crap out at the worst time.
    Just so you don't get stranded some where I'd replace it.

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    it's a good bet that you'd set a $100 on fire to avoid that kind of problem on open water

    good policy for safe operation,

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    Ok so it seems the consensus is to get some odyssey batteries in the spring. What is the best way to maintain them. Will a smart charger keep them charged and how long can i expect to them to last.'

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    Just an FYI on Odyssey batteries. This was on there website regarding Seadoos.
    Sea-Doo® personal watercrafts tend to transfer an electrical load to the battery while in storage. Be confident that your ODYSSEY® battery can handle it. However, if not properly maintained, you may not get the top performance from your ODYSSEY battery. Read on to ensure your ODYSSEY battery is at its best at all times.

    Issue – This brand of watercraft experiences an electrical load on the battery during storage, caused by a control module monitoring the lanyard socket. If the lanyard is left installed the electrical drain is 18 ma after 10 minutes of shutting down the engine. If the lanyard is removed, the electrical drain is 7 ma. These electrical loads are continuous and can accumulate to be significant over time. At 18 milli amps, the battery will lose 1 amp/hour of capacity in 55.5 hours or 10 amp/hours (Ah) in 23 days. On a PC 625, 10 Ah is 59% of battery capacity.

    Solution – For Sea-Doo watercraft always disconnect the lanyard from its socket when not riding the watercraft. Install a waterproof disconnect switch in the negative battery cable, so the battery can be disconnected after riding. Use switch P/N 32965 from Overton’s Marine Catalog or use the 12V, 6A Ultimizer charger suggested above.

    Check your ODYSSEY battery voltage periodically for full charge, which is 12.84V. Recharge whenever below 12.65V.

    Sea-Doo is a registered trademark of Bombardier Recreational Products Inc.
    Also can anyone tell me which model battery they use.

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    If you disconnect the Odyssey anytime that you are not going to run the machine for more than 2 or 3 days, you will never need a charger. Mine would sit all winter and still be at 12.78-12.81. Best battery you can buy. Do not use a Battery Tender on an AGM battery like the Odyssey. Enersys that makes Odyssey has three different chargers that you can use if you wish to use a maintaining style of charger. It has a higher float voltage to properly charge an AGM.

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    Most CTEK chargers also have an AGM mode.

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    One other thing to note. While on there web site I was using there find a battery tool and they only had Yamaha and kawasaki listed for brand, no Sea doo.

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