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    Thanks, Guys! (aka Good Seller Thread)

    Since getting on GH, I've been learning lots, meeting plenty of other PWC speed addicts, and getting some good deals on previously-owned performance upgrades for my boats. Just wanted to give a shout out to the guys who've been hooking me up with parts.

    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Almighty Jerry for building and hosting this site, along with his excellent store. Jerry also hooked me up with new washers for my stock '06 superchargers. Thanks, Jerry.

    Next is jhill19. He was the first guy from whom I bought parts (intake grate, girdle, Speedfreaks shoe insert, pump wedge, VTS rod, block-offs, and Riva intake). Not only did he give a n00b a generous package deal, he also talked me through installing much of the parts over the phone, and followed up with texts. Thanks, Jacob.

    Up next is Danny, who gave me a good deal on his world-famous fuel rail. He also pro-actively tracked the shipment, and PM'd me saying asking if I'd got it yet because the tracking showed delivered. I walked down the street to my mailbox, and yep - it totally was! Thanks, Danny!

    I also got some great ECU help from some people on this board. They know who they are...

    STSPerformance hooked me up with his old Fizzle HE Intercooler. Extra points for including Christmas wrapping paper in the box - LOL. Thanks, Stephen!

    Waterfire gave me a deal on his Turbosmart RRFPR and Riva tank adapter, along with all the hoses, and followed up with advice on installing. Thanks, Austin!

    Lightning1 hooked me up with a good deal on his Fizzle IC block off. It was completely unused, and it arrived via FedEx the day after I paid for it! Thanks, Jeff!

    Hotbird gave me a sweet deal on his old Solas impeller, but went out of his way to make sure I knew it was "dinged" and missing an 0-ring in the cone. It was barely scratched... and you can only see it if you squint hard, and won't have any effect on the prop's performance. Thanks, Andrew!

    Without exception, ALL of the above sellers represented the condition of their items accurately, were fair on pricing, packaged items well so they weren't damaged in transit, shipped them so they arrived quickly, communicated well via PM and/or email, provided tracking info, and offered follow-up advice on installation in a friendly manner.

    I realize there's no "eBay-style" formalized seller feedback system here on GH, so I simply wanted to give these gentlemen a shout-out for the way they handle their business.

    Thanks, guys.

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    Glad your happy with the prop. See I told you the pics made it look bad.

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