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    Yamaha 1200 xlt rebuild question

    I have a 2002 yamaha 1200 xlt that had a main bearing on the crank arm go out. I am going to rebuild the motor and carbs on the ski my self. I am wondering if there is anything else I can do or look for too not allow this to happen again anytime soon? Thank you, Kyle

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    did you figure out why the bearing went bad? have you taken the engine completely apart? If you haven't already, get yourself a shop manual. Once you have some idea of where the problem may have arisen, go through the whole engine. Purchase the best parts you can afford, especially, if you plan on keeping the jet ski. A new oem crank from some place like or have rebuilt if you choose, new crank case seals, new gaskets through out, pistons, rings, hone cylinders, if necessary, or if they are shot get fixed or replace, new hoses, and have somebody who knows what they're doing rebuild your carbs, based upon what modifications you'll be making. Make sure all parts are very clean before putting back together. torque to specs. If the carbs aren't done right, so goes the engine...and again. While your at it, you might as well pull the jet pump and prop out for inspection. You really want to have a decent running machine before you take it out on the water. read as much as you can on here about two strokes. there are several people on this site who have done excellent write ups on the xlt. good luck michael

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