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    HELP!! Battery keeps draining.....

    I have a huge problem. I have a 2006 RXP and the battery keep draining and giving me a 12v low warning and the battery light flashing. I have replaced the battery checked the fuses and replaced the rectifier. Not sure what else it could be......

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    Check the stator.

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    How do I check that?

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    What volts are you getting when the engine is at idle and when revved up a bit.

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    I bet its a bad rectifier.
    My buddys 06 was draining his battery and flashing 12v low.
    He changed the rectifier and problem solved.

    Rectifier is that box with fins that's close to your battery.

    Very simple fix...

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    Class of 93.....

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    Check the 3 yellow wires coming out of the engine. Usually it is corroded at the Triangle connector. This is the power that goes into the rectifier.

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    Thats exactly what I was thinking so I put a brand new rectifier on and still same problem. Checked the connectors and still draining...

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    Def going to head to the marina and check the three yellow wires out today.

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    doesn't a defective VTS unit drain it too?

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