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    How do I keep IBR reverse bucket 'open' with engine off?

    Ok, I'm prepared to be shot down on this one for being stupid, but how do I keep the IBR reverse bucket open when the engine is off?

    I want to wash the pump through the pump exit and lubricate etc, but as soon as I stop the engine, the bucket returns to the neutral position blocking the pump access.

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    Put the key in untill you hear 2 beeps. Press Mode untill you see ibr. Press set. Scroll up or down until you see ibr on. Press set. Now press the up button. The more you press the higher the bucket opens.

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    As he said but scroll to setting, ibr override, press up to on and then press set. Then up on the trim button.

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    Or read the ownersmanual (page 128 ), IBR neutralizing function. When it's open take of the lanyard before putting your hands somewhere around the jetpump. It stays a computer !!

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