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    polaris genesis di emm diagnostic issue.

    Hi everyone i am trying to repair my emm for my 2002 polaris genesis 1200di. i can not find the sizes of the broken parts of the emm so i bought a used emm on ebay. i will replace it and i have podiag dos software but i dont have the emm communication cables to calibrate the injectors. my question is that when i replace the emm do i have to connect the ski to the cmputer to calibrate the injectors? if so , can anybody sell me the emm communication cables here. i looked at the post about ''how to make your own ficht emm communication cables'' but i did not understand how to do it.

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    The method using the software to transfer the fuel injector compensation map data (for 2000-2004 Ficht engines) is to use the cable to connect the laptop to the watercraft and use the software to read the injector data from the old EMM. Then install the replacement EMM and use the software to send the old injector data to the replacement EMM.

    This only works if the old EMM is alive enough to communicate with the laptop computer.

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