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    Any differences 06/07 RXP?

    Anything of importance different between the 2 years besides colors? A "friend" wants to know

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    I'm kind of a big deal SeanCucf's Avatar
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    I've heard rumors of thicker sc washers...and other minor stuff you won't notice

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    The handlebar setup is different. On the 07 they are higher and wider other than that I dont think there is much of a differance between the 06 and 07

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    How much wider are the 07 bars?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeanCucf View Post
    I've heard rumors of thicker sc washers...and other minor stuff you won't notice
    I thought they put thicker washers in the 06', did they get even thicker in the 07'?

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    You can't use the straight SS tube for the resonator bypass because the resonator has an elbow molded in where the exhaust hose connects to.

    The trim actually has a "MIDDLE" setting. Not like the others that show 1 click above & below the center mark.

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    ^^^^^ what he said lol and also the intake has been rounded and not square like the other ones they chaged the wireing harness , IMO they did a lot of little and good changes

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    Not sure about change. Their is a 155 hp engine listed as an option for the new RXP's. Was that avalible before?? I love the new paint schemes though.

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    MPEM and fuse box is all different for 2007 also

    the seats are different (no more race cowl either tho i think)

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    Red or Black and yellow

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