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    post installation ribbon delete dramas

    2009 FZS. can someone do a favour for me? I've just installed the ribbon delete (and a few other things). it's taken me weeks because i can only do 2 hours at a time in the 50c degree heat during summer. it's cooling down now so the last 2 weekends i've finished the prop-change, power-intake, free-flow exhaust, ribbon delete and a general pull everything apart, replace the rusty bits and put her back together.

    now i was about to button up all the seat assembly when i thought i'll just triple check everything. put her on the hose, fired her up and enjoyed the awesome sound. started running my hands around looking for problems and everything seemed fine. thought i'd do the same while giving her some gas. then i had a heart attck.

    standing on the right hand of the ski looking forward (leaning into the hull on manifold side) if i place my hands under the manifold to the rear i can feel a small breeze on my hand when i give her gas. just aft of the pipe that feeds the manifold and about level with the coupling (but not from the coupling).

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    before i pull the entire thing apart again to redo everything, can someone please just confirm that there isn't something there that blows off any waste air (e.g. is this normal)?

    everything looks secure and i'm thinking that if this isn't normal, the only thing that it could be is that bloody rubber seal may have jumped loose as i was tightening things down....

    i've done some pretty hard mechanic type jobs in the past, but that ribbon delete is a real bitch (mostly because i have hands the size of shovels and there isn't much room around in there) and i really don't want to have to repeat it...

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    youve got a boost leak somewhere

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    There are a lot of clamps down there, a 1/4 inch ratchet with a deep well socket did the trick for me for those cramped corners, plus itll give you the chance to face all the clap,s towards you properly. There are two clamps that come from the pipe to the manifold, maye nes is loose. I got mine out in about 20-30 minuets(including a beer break). I spent the next hour or so replacing every rusted clamp in the tho.

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    It sounds like the coupler that goes into the air intake. Don't worry as this is a pain in the but pipe to put on.I would suggest using any type of glass cleaner and spray on the rubber coupler to insert the pipe onto the manifold and then put the 12mm bolt that secures the pipe to the engine block and then tighten the hose clamp onto the intake manifold. I would then put the intercooler on but don't tighten the clamps yet until the intercool bracket is secure to the block. Make sure the supercharger is on first. Now you can go back and tighten the hose clamp between the intercooler and manifold pipe.

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    thanks guys. if it's not super hot i'll take of the pipe tomorrow and see if that fixes it..i sure hope it does....

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    Use a hand held mirror and a flash light to inspect everything. Got to be a leak somewhere. Mirror made it so much easier for me.

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    Fill up a plastic spray bottle with water and a tiny bit of ordinary dish washing detergent. Spray some and look for the bubbles. Obviously do this before you pull everything appart. You "may" be able to find and fix the leak without too much stress!

    Good Luck.

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    grrrrrr. pulled the hose/pipe to throttle body off. wasn't it. then completely pulled the the manifold off, dissassembled the throttle assembly. replaced all the seals and gaskets. put everything together again with extra care (and torque).

    its still exactly the same. it's dark now so will try again wih my mirror and bubbles tomorrow. i think i'm going crazy but the air feels like it's coming from the oil return hose that runs under the manifold there or even more crazy, the throttle body where the wires come out to meet thw wiring harness. its definately not from anything above the throttle body (phew).

    can someone fire up their ski, run it for 3 secs and rev it once with their hand there? i just dont see how anything could be leaking.....

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    ok. if someone else can confirm it i've found the problem - and there isn't one. i'm pretty sure what i'm feeling is a venturi effect from the coupling. i'm pretty sure as it rotating it's pushing air under the engine which us coming up on the manifold side.

    there's an empty bolt hole or something on a mount below the oil return pipe that kind of focuses the air coming from under the engine.

    soap and bubbles confirmed all my joints are good. manifold is good and throttle body is golden.

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