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    Feels like weight of ski shifted forward after driveshaft change

    Hi, i have a serious problem which seems that i cannot solve. At least not without your help. My ski, yamaha xl 1200 had a worn out driveshaft and mid shaft and changed them with new ones genuine yamaha items. When i received the items i confirmed that the parts are like the old ones. Since i changed the parts i can feel higher on the ski, and when driving under 10mph i m having water coming in near my legs from the front since the front of the ski is going down in the water as if it s going to sink, no matter the direction or sea it is in. The only thing i changed and i machined it myself on the lathe is the washer between the coupler and the midcoupler shaft, now i m thinking maybe it is maybe 5mm ticker. When i trim the nozzle upwards it helps, bit why should the ski change its characteristics by changing the driveshafts. I have no water leak in the ski that may help with shifting the weight forward. Even in choppy water it really feels like the ski is diving into the waves instead of riding them. It feels that the front of the ski got very heavy.

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    I have never heard of anyone who has experienced a nose heavy ski just because of a shaft or midshaft swap out. I could be wrong, but this sounds very unlikely.

    To me, it would be more likely that when you reinstalled the thrust nozzle, that the trim adjustment was perhaps changed to where the swing bucket does not trim as high as it used to. To correct this, I would recommend that you disconnect the trim cable at the nozzle, and screw the connector in about 2-3 turns, then reconnect. This will help to get your bow higher.

    If you want the ultimate in lift, get a GPR 5 degree thrust nozzle, and modify it by drilling and tapping it to accept the reverse features of your boat. This is a very simple mod.

    Your boat will feel livelier, ride higher out of the water, be an overall drier ride, and will help you to gain an extra 1 mph just by bolting it on.

    Do some research on this mod by reading up on old threads concerning the 5 degree nozzle and the XL/XLT's.

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    Have to agree with Salty, doesn't make much sense.

    Check the trim nozzle and make sure the intake grate is secure, undamaged.

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    Today i also noticed that the trim adjustment on the steering is the wrong way round. Which means that on the picture next to the trim lever where there is a arrow pointed downwards next to the front of the ski, it actually goes up and the other way round!! Now it feels much better when i trimmed it to actually make the nose go up my ski feels a lot better. Why is this the other way round??

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    Still haven t solved the problem went out with the ski again today and it s still diving from the front once i leave my hand on the gas handle at low speed. And it s not jumping waves, it a diving in them any help??

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    Did you try disconnecting the trim cable at the trim nozzle and screwing the connector in 2-3 turns? You can try it and always put it back if you do not like the results.

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    As far as the trim adjustment being backwards. Sounds like someone changed the two smaller cables that go to the wheel and put them on reversed or backwards. Not sure what washers u played with on the lathe but if u changed distance at all between the cable mount and where it attaches to the nozzle, then adjustment will be Needed as stated above.

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    How about taking pic of the bottom of the ski and post up. You could have something dragging now. Take a few shots at different angels.

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    Yes i trimmed the ski to have the front of the ski up but it still feels that it s got the front of the ski heavy. In my opinion i think that i unbalanced the engine to the front of the ski. Again, i lost the washer between the coupler and the coupler shaft and i done one new on the lathe and it may be some 2mm thicker than the factory one. Therefore then engine is now a little bit more forward than it used to sit before, that would make the engine unbalanced at sea and more to the front. Grrr so annoyed with this problem!!

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    Last week i went out with the ski and it s still droping from the front. I was good for a while but it does it from time to time. The front dives in the water and water goes on the ski till the fuel cap. I trimmed it all upward and i even adjusted the trim cable to make sure i m using all the trim setting. I really don t know what s wrong!!!

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