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    4Tec Inspeciton Checklist for buying used ski ?

    Hey guys, i was wondering if anyone has a link to a good 4tec inspection checklist for used skis. I spent about 15min searching and didnt come up with much.

    I'm about to pick up a deal on a use 2006 RXP and 2006 RXT (freshwater use) and want make sure I dont get screwed.


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    There is a sticky on 06 valve issues.
    The superchargers have or had ceramic washers.
    Compression test them.
    Water test them.
    Get as much maintenance history as possible.

    Inspect pump from rear and under the skis.
    Verify vin to titles.

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    You can get valves, springs, retainers, keepers, head gasket, head bolts, rocker bolts, and and oil jet for roughly 1000.00

    I know they say the o4 had bad flywheel bolts not sure about the 2006 models.
    Make sure charger had the new upgraded washers or kaboom
    Compression test

    When water testing make sure you run them hard for 20-30 minutes and wot for as long has you can. Many problems won't show on a cool motor.

    Good luck!

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    have somebody read the max exhaust and engine temps and the rpm profile breakdown, this is a good way to avoid a motor that spent most of it's life wfo or has overheated

    the candoo system can read the ecu and show how long in minutes the engine was run in several rpm, ranges. I haven't seen if the Seadoo diagnostic system can display such a graph.

    well worth the diagnostic fee that a small shop would charge for such a report.

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