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    4Tec guy needs help with a 3D Exhaust - Don't laugh!

    Hi all,

    I have picked up a 05 3D for next to no money. The rear plastic exhaust resonator has melted and been removed by the previous owner but never fixed. He just let it sit in his garage.

    Can I just do away with all this junk and go from the water box to the exhaust tip or is this engine needing the backpressure?

    Also there must be a reason why it melter and my guess is either the hose came off and the hot exhaust gas melted it or more likely a water starvation problem.

    Are these known to do this? First place to look?

    Thanks in advance.

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    you can bypass it as long as some type of waterbox is still there,should not upset rfi
    as to why it melted check water regulator

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    I've seen two of these with this issue, both had water port in exhaust pipe clogged. One was saltwater and other was freshwater. Issue was in exhaust chamber, got both unclogged with out pulling pipe. I think it would be safe to eliminate baffle. Same thing as free flow on 4 tec.

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