I am working on a 1997 seadoo sportster with a dual carb 717 engine. I purchased oem mikuni carb kits and new 1.2 neadle and seats for both carbs. I have cleaned carbs and done plenty of other pwc and outboard repairs, complete tuneups included.

I have always put in factory parts and used factory carb adjustment settings, and that has worked out well for me. However this particular duel carb pop off with the factory 1.2's and the black springs give me the results: carb 1 popoff = 48psi, carb 2 popoff = 70 psi. The 48psi is what I am trying to get with both carbs. I have tried adjusting the float arm on carb 2, but the 70psi is the best I get.

I have even tried swapping everthing from carb 1 into carb 2, and I get the exact same thing.
I have taken carb apart so everything is completly removed and verified that there isn't any kink of blockage by shooting carb cleaner and air from air gun through all the passages.

This craft has been a summer project, rebuilding engine and drive, machine rotary valve cover, replacing post and key, lots of work and money over the year and I'm running out of time to get it on the water this year.

Any body ever experience this same problem? Any Ideas, I am open to anything. Thanks pwcdaddy