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    inline fuel primer

    My jet ski 95 Polaris has long been hard to start. I did replace the fuel pump several years ago with the triple output pump. At the beginning of the season I start it by pouring a little fuel in the carbs. Last time I took it out I even had to poor some fuel in the carb to get it started after I had already ridden it some that day. I got to thinking what if I installed something like on lawnmower engines to prime it. Then I did a search and see that there is something designed for this problem that replaces the choke. I was about to order it until I saw that you have to take the carb apart to install it. I donít really feel like going to that much trouble. Maybe if everyone says these choke replacing primers are exceptional I will have a mechanic install it for me. I already have a zillion other projects I am working on. Is there not anything a little simpler to install? Could I just install some kind of primer on the one line going into the pump?



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    Welcome Dave

    Does the engine run well otherwise, once you get it started? Does it need choke to restart even when it is warm?

    When you are not using the machine do you turn the fuel selector valve off?

    What other fuel system service was done?

    Was the fuel selector valve replaced or rebuilt with a new o-ring?

    If you have a fuel/water separator, is the o-ring seal under the lid fresh and undamaged?

    It is important that the entire fuel system from fuel tank all the way to the fuel pump be air tight.

    Have the the carburetors been rebuilt in recent memory? Genuine Mikuni rebuild kits?

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    A properly tuned / maintained machine will start easily warm, or cold, even after sitting for long periods.

    Be sure to stay AWAY from ethanol fuel.

    How is your compression? Spark plugs? Have you ever taken the plug boots off, and trimmed the wires back?

    Sounds like your machine is giving you notice of needed maintenance. Rebuild the carbs, replace the fuel lines, fuel select valve, maybe rebuild, or replace the fuel pump again. ( ESPECIALLY if you have run ethanol fuel)

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