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    3d how long can you run these on a hose for?

    As the title states, how long can you run these on a hose for?

    I see ride plate with closed loop to worry about, just pop the c clips off for the carbon seal.

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    I only like to run them for about 5 mins max on the hose. Not saying longer would be an issue, but you really need it in the lake if your trying to test/tune it anyways I cant see a need for it to run out of water any longer then what stated.

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    I agree, but also remember too long on a hose will also chew up your wear ring since there is no water going thru. At least the amount supposed. You stated about the closed loop ride plate, but as far as I know the 3d is open loop cooling. Only the four stroke uses the closed loop rideplate.

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    Any longer then 30 seconds to a minuet and you are going to wear out your carbon seals. Sure The motor is getting cooled. But not the drive shaft or the seal that makes up your through-hull fitting...just saying, it's a flush hose, not a run-your-jet-ski-on-all-day hose....

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    Thanks guys, typo by me on the original post. I meant to say I see no closed loop.

    Run it up for 5 mins with the C clip removed and the top hat away. All good.

    Thanks for the help.

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    What are you trying to do, get your engine to operational temps or are you just trying to flush it? 5 minuets is just flat out unnecessary.

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    before I got my tank I had a split hose setup with a dribbler to keep the carbon seal wet, another sprinkler head hitting the jetpump and a feed for engine cooling..complicated, but that's what I needed with the test tank the only problem is cleaning the ski after it's been in the skanky water.

    The may be issues that require more then the "allowed" hose time, but with proper planning can go for quite awhile if you are chasing something.

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