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Thread: starter bad?

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    starter bad?

    I put a new SBT high torque starter on my rxp during the rebuild but it seems to be bad. It drags really slow when I turn it over. Brand new car battery so I know it has the amps. If I pull the starter and bump it it turns just fine but as soon as you cut power it immediately stops spinning like you hit the brakes. It doesnt slowly stop spinning like I expected.

    I turned the motor over by hand at the super charger and there is minimal resistance, not enough that i would think would stop the start or cause it to lug down like it does.

    Thoughts? The starter is under warranty so i can send it back, but dont want to do so if there is something i am just missing.

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    I am using one of their starters myself cause I was in a pinch. Theirs or any others I have had don't really free spin too much. Can you turn it by hand with your fingers? If you can I would say it is good. It is possible you have a bad connection some where.....
    If I recall the one I used was painted where the ground wire would make contact. I sanded the paint off mine just cause that is how my Oem starter I removed was

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    Yeah it turns by hand. Mine didnt have a ground wire, it appears to be grounded by the engine block

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    I am not familure with your ski. But I would say you need to remove paint where the starter meets the block if there is indeed no ground wire supposed to go to it. Do you have your original starter to see if it is paint free where it meets the block?

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    Yes. I will double check it

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