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    Yamaha GP1300R Engine Temp Light

    Need Help! 2003 Yamaha GP1300R.
    I have owned this ski for several years and never had any problems until now. The ski has about 100 hours and is all stock.
    I was out this weekend and about an hour of riding my engine temp light came on and started to beep. I saw that water was coming out so the engine was being cooled, nothing was clogged as I checked the intake. after I shut the ski of it did not restart, just cranked. About 15 minutes later it did restart but after a few minutes the temperature light came back on with the beeping. Took it out of the water for inspection and nothing is clogged. Any HELP on what might be causing this problem. Thanks

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    your sure it was not the exhaust temp, because the engine temp will shut down the engine. Most likely you have a bad cat. convertor with that many hours will need a D plate and chip.
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    Thanks for the response. You are probably right but from what I understand if that was the case the exhaust temp light would come on. I'm going to change the D-plate and chip like you mentioned. Do you sell these items? Is this like one part fits most or do you need the correct year for the ski.

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    here's the link to the greenhulk performance store gp1300r section. its a one size fits, riva and r&d both make one but its basically identical. don't forget the riva cat temp sensor chip also. should be about 100 buck total.

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    I would go with the Riva D plate, as the hole in it is a little bigger, and it's recommend by a few tuners for the 1300

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    Also mention greenhulk in the coupon /discount to get 10% off

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