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    RRFPR - where do all the hoses go?

    OK, so I've collected the following parts:

    - Danny's Fuel Rail
    - Turbosmart FPR
    - Turbosmart pressure gauge
    - Riva tank adapter

    And I'm trying to figure out how to put them all together. I've read the Riva instructions, and a couple of Danny's Fuel Rail threads, and all of them give me nudges in the right direction... but I want to make sure I'm understanding everything properly before I dive in, especially since I'll be documenting my process for other n00bs to follow.

    I'd like to keep the OEM engine cover in place, which means I won't be mounting my FPR directly to Danny's rail. I'll mount it up front near the fuel tank.

    The tank adapter has two fittings and hoses. If I look at the adapter from the top, and hold it so that the metal makes a "Y" shape, there's a straight brass fitting on the top right, and a 90 degree brass fitting on the top left.

    On the FPR, I have three fittings: two brass, and one that's silver-colored. if I look at the FPR from the side (with the blue "hat" part on top) there's a 90 degree brass fitting coming out the bottom of the base, and a straight brass fitting coming out the side of the base. The silver-colored fitting is smaller, and comes out the side of the "hat."

    The previous owner of the FPR was kind enough to put blue tape on the FPR brass straight fitting (side of FPR) and the hose coming from the straight fitting (right side of Y) on the tank adapter -- indicating that those should connect to each other.

    1) Am I right in assuming that blue tape line is the main feed FROM the tank TO the FPR?

    2) Am I right in assuming that the fitting from the bottom of the FPR connects to one end of Danny's fuel rail?

    3) What connects to the host on the left side of the tank adapter Y?

    4) I have a smaller diameter rubber hose that fits on the small silver-colored fitting on the FPR. Where does that go? And does it need to be clamped?

    As for the gauge, I haven't decided if I want to attach it to the gauge, or to the other end of Danny's rail. The FPR has one more plug in the side, so I could remove that plug (and re-use the plug on the other end of Danny's rai) and mount the gauge directly to the FPR. That's the direction I'm leaning.

    Thanks for any stronger nudges in the right direction!

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    Do you have the FPR800?

    The tank adapter, if you blow through the bottom small center hole, it will come out one of the 2 holes up top...Thats your FEED to the rail.....The other is your return from the regulator...

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    Hey, Danny. Yes. It's an FPR 800.

    On the tank adapter, great trick blowing through the hole - so now I know which hose goes to rail, and which goes to regulator!

    However, I still don't know what to do with the THREE barbs on the FPS 800. One coming out the "bottom" of the silver base piece, one out the side, and a tiny silver one coming out the side of the blue top part of the regulator. Where do those connect?

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    And I know you've posted in the past about putting a filter in front of the FPR. Can you recommend one you like?

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    The side port is pressure in/gauge the bottom is return and the small one on the bonnet is your boost line.

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    not sure if these are any help

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    I personally like to be able to see the gauge easily, I used the parallel set up that beerdart has shown,
    It was late one night and I didn't have any high pressure hose so I used 2 stroke hose just to fire it up,
    not good
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    Quote Originally Posted by thatdude596 View Post
    not sure if these are any help
    Yeah, thatdude. Very helpful, thanks. Looks like you have the EXACT same components with the EXACT same setup I'm trying to do.


    1) Where did you source those black braided lines and connectors? Those look the cat's pajamas! And what lengths did you need for this setup?

    2) So if I'm looking at your install correctly, the fuel is flowing clockwise in this setup. You're coming FROM the port on the tank adapter that "blows" TO the connector on BOTTOM of the FPR, then from the SIDE of the FPR (shown at 9 o'clock in this picture) to the left side of the rail, then out the right side of the rail to a fitting that holds the gauge, and from that fitting to the return side of the tank adapter. Is that all correct?

    3) Independently, the small boost barb (at 6 o'clock) connects to a smaller black hose and appears to go down and to the right, but I can't see what it's connecting to. Where does that go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skigolfnut View Post
    I personally like to be able to see the gauge easily, I used the parallel set up that beerdart has shown
    Ahh.... that might be part of my confusion. There are multiple ways to connect an FPR. Do I dare ask the advantages of both? Or should I just pick one and go?

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    steve the boost barb is your boost ref line which attaches to my stock ic block off plate.

    the fittings are an fittings from summit racing, bought i bought the setup from jake (jhill19) i can measure them for you after work no problem or pm jake

    i cant honestly tell you how fuel is flowing cause i had nick (ragefab) do all the work at once. jake or nick can help you out but they said its the best way to run the setup.

    i adjust fuel pressure and monitor the afrs.....thats all i wanted to know lol

    seriously i really have no idea!

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