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Thread: 1992 sl 650

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    1992 sl 650

    hi guys,

    just fixed my 650 sl last week (full rebuild 12 months ago) with a new coupler, driveshaft, bendix and starter.

    the ski is very early 1992 and has no greese nipple on the shaft bearing just a tube coming out of it.

    is there supposed to be a nipple on the coupler itself where the threaded hole is?

    at the moment i am just packing greese into it between spins and seems to do the job, what do other people do?

    Where is the best place to get the tripple outlet fuel pump, im running the standard fuel pump just rebuilt pump but need to update stat?

    i dressed the prop and blueprinted the pump when i had the pump out and took it to the surf today (usually ride flat water), what fun i had.

    out jumping 150 ultras and gsx limiteds. there is life in the old horse yet.

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    John Zigler is a good source for the fuel pump and carburetor rebuild kits, among many other things.

    The original grease fittings on the older models were needle type fittings. Unlike a Zerk nipple, the needle style grease gun has a tip that fits into the hollow of the grease fitting. Sometimes people change these for Zerk grease fittings. Look closely at your fittings to verify whether they have been removed or are still the needle type.

    The through-hull bearing is also supposed to have a grease fitting. Normally it would get a pump or two of grease very dozen or more running hours. In salt water you want to grease it more often. When re-assembling the jet pump did you insert some grease into the spline area on the impeller before sliding the drive shaft in? The rubber end bumpers are in place on both ends?

    There are other maintenance requirements for salt water operation, such as fogging the engine after each day on the water. And fresh water rinsing the hull inside and out, followed with an anti-corrosion protection spray after the interior is dry.

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