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    new owner

    Hello i am doing some work for a client of mine and they have a green and white seadoo gtx that has been stored in her garage for years and she said i could have it. She doesn't know much about it other than it wont start has a full tank of gas and oil i guess but i bet it is bad from sitting and the battery is dead. I am pretty handy but i have never had anything like this and don't know quite where to start. I don't wanna do anything that will ruin it any further so i am looking for any info on what i should do before i try to start it.

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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!

    What's the year, make and model??

    Start by putting a fresh battery in it and compression test it.
    That is of course if its not locked up from sitting.


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    I would try adding some spark plugs too

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    how do i find year make and model? i think its a 97

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    how do i find year make and model? i think its a 97 and other than a gtx i'm not sure of any thing else

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    Sounds like a 97 GTX, any pics ?

    Last two digits of the HIN is the year.

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    yeah then its a 97 and i do but cant get them to upload from my phone. i will get a new battery and spark plugs, get the old gas out of it asap. I assume the throttle is on the start handle it seems very difficult to move with only a short range of rotation before it skips is that normal?
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    woot... theres a pic

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    I would look for all kinds of trouble inside the hull.. get a new batt, check the electrical stuff, then new oil, fuel, plugs, ..... most likely the bad gas could have clogged some stuff too

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