Had a good ocean ride then headed up river when a metallic rattle around my nuts becomes evident at engine frequency when coming onto the sucker. (maybe I need to get layd )

First I'm thinking detonation then decide otherwise after loading the engine to introduce. Then I think something on the engine is loose but nothing visual.

So now I'm thinking the gauge bracket has let go again, even though the thing is also RTV'd just incase of a repeat, so I feel it can wait until I finish playing. Back at the ole homestead I pull the top instrument cowl to find the gauge install/repair good and intact but the metal doubler at the cowl aft two hold down bolt area (infront of glove box) is de-bonded with a crack/break in the composite it was intended to protect. Pretty cheap product but nothing that can't be easily fixed. Might be something useful in the way of info if it happens to someone else.