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    Sxr piston replacement

    skidaddy o - Today 01:31 AM Report
    I need to put a new top end in my sxr 800 which pistons should I go with I'm looking for a long lasting reliable piston versus a high performance race piston that needs to be replaced often thanks people please respond also how do I know which size I need they have never been replaced and its a 2005 I'm replacing because the front cylinder is reading 150 and the rear like 145 on the compression tester

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    The only way to determine which size to order is to pull the head and look at the damage. Measure the diameter with a micrometer and go from there. To go oversize, you'll have to get the cylinders bored to match the new pistons.

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    I don't think that is a large enough variation to warrant a rebuild. Usually less than 10% is acceptable.

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    It doesn't sound like you need a top end, but to answer your question, I would go with Pro-X pistons. They will last longer than the wiseco or any other forged piston.

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    Second that mate pro x if you are not racing !
    If it a 05 I would pull the head have a look 82.25 is the next size up or put some new rings in it !
    Something that's 8 years old I would be happy to bore it
    It might save you a case rod or cylinder down the track !
    My 2 cents 😉

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