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    Red face Glad to be a part of GreenHulk !!!

    Hello everyone,

    First time poster, long time rider and long time lurker. I'm glad to say that in about 2 months i'll be an official Seadoo PWC owner. Once the holiday season comes around, i'll be heading down to sunny southern California to take my new-to-me beauty home. She's a 2005 seadoo RXT with 32 hours on the clock with metal washers replaced by a local dealer and has lived the garage life. I had plans of ripping the s/c and throwing in an X charger but I may just hold off until a later time. The 3 seater will be a recreational machine for myself and friends, not too concerned ( at the moment) for top speed runs but i'm sure the bug will bite sooner or later. My love for slick gears on 4 wheels and pavement has led me to share my passion with the water, i'm very, very excited!

    After many hours spent on perusing the internet, I've come up with a small list of mods that should hold me down for a short while, also keeping in mind that the craft will be used by other (unfortunately) inexperienced/recreational riders.. i guess thats what the learner key is for, heh. Here's what I have so far, please feel free to help me add in the supporting mods:

    -Riva Pro Series Waterbox ( from my understanding, this also exits Thru-hull and will only need a tip to complete a rear exit exhaust system)
    -Rive Coupler kit
    -Rude boy tip
    -Fizzle Ext. IC
    -Speedfreeks rear air
    -Finger Throttle
    -OPAS delete ( still on the fence about this one, keeping in mind newer riders will be on this machine as well)
    -New steering cable (feels like its binding at the moment)

    I've also been debating upon whether I should winterize the craft or not, I do plan on stabilizing the fuel and fogging the motor, but besides doing basic maintenance ( plugs, oil, fuel filter ) I'm not sure if any further maintenance is needed given the climate i'm in. The craft will be garaged in Northern California where the temp most likely won't go any lower than 45 degrees fahrenheit , would any other warm weather owners be able to chime in on their take on this? I'm hoping the mod list should hold me down for a season or two, been debating on the intake grates and wedge/sponsons/impeller at the same time but that may be my full extent of the craft. If i'm missing something please let me know, I look forward to gaining the new wealth of knowledge and joining the club!

    Thanks all!

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    first thing I would do is remove the charger and have jerry rebuild it, dealers do NOT know what they are doing.

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    2nd thing is expect to spend a fortune on repairs cause your going to let your friends ride it !!!!!!! aPWC's worst enemy is your friends that dont know the first thing about riding a ski and leaving you on the hook or repairs, bad for you, good for jerry

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    Slow 91 : crap, I was afraid of that. I had initially thought the S/C was still factory from 2005 with ceramic washers and had planned to send it to GreenHulk, but once I found that theyve been replaced I assumed I had a dodged a bullet... guess not. It would buy me more riding time with the stock charger though...

    big john: I'm not sure I've had the heart to say "no" yet, especially with family/friends. For the most part, my closer friends have been the more responsible ones i've been riding with, but the inexperienced ones do come by time to time... something i'll need to work on.

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    Have the washers and bearings replaced in the s/c. Too many people just have the washers changed and then have a bearing failure that costs them 2k+ in damages.

    Also read the sticky on the exhaust valves.

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    oh man. i'm glad i'm getting this thing during the off season, maybe that'll give me enough time to rip apart and slap on the goodies with time to spare, looks like Slow 91 is the man to contact with the valve job

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    Do as these guys have suggested and have Jerry do the 08 upgrade on the charger along with adding the viton seal while he is there, the seal will keep the sludge out of your IC.

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    Welcome to the forum

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    Thanks Gents! Looks like i'll have to roll up the sleeves and dive in, was hoping it'd be an easy build but what fun is that anyway, heh. Any other suggestions in regards to the mods and winterizing? With the addition of the valves and new seals + labor for both jobs it looks like my target budget is blown Hopefully just the basic mods will keep me happy, but the peace of mind will be priceless!

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    anyone know what supporting mods/parts i'll need for the head swap or mods?

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