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    Sadly it is time to pack the skis up for winter...any tips.

    Well guys sadly it is that time of year here in the Northwest so I am getting ready to pack everything up for the winter and seeing this is my first time doing this and the ski is running so perfect I want to make sure I do it all right the first time. So any help would be greatly appreciated as always.

    Also I just wanted to say thanks to all the help and tips that were given to me to get the ski rebuilt and running perfect.


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    Use the search function on here. It will bring up many threads.

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    4 main things to worry about:
    1) Water freezes. drain and shop vac the water out of the hull. Leave the seat off for a while to let it evaporate out (if possible). then get all the water out of the engine, exhaust, and water box. To a certain extent it self drains out but water will definitely be trapped in the water box. If you need help with this, search here for ideas on how to get the water out and/or add RV/marine antifreeze.
    2) Fuel degradation and contamination. Fuel doesn't store well over the winter. it degrades and/or water condensation dilutes it. Come spring time, you ski won't start, run right, or the engine will meltdown (2 stroke...lean...etc). So Stabilize the fuel tank and fill it up FULL. Full so there is way less chance of condensation problems. Another method (and my preference) is to EMPTY the tank. That way, come spring time you are filling up with fresh gas. But there is still gas in the carbs that could go bad. Or evaporate and leave deposits/corrosion. So some form of treated gas should be run through the carbs. Either Stabil'd gas or premix gas. Premix gas seems to degrade less and the oil in the fuel keeps the corrosion/deposits away.
    3) Fog the engine so the internals don't rust up. You're trying to get oil on the cylinder walls mostly but spraying down the carbs with the engine running will get oil on the crank and bearings and cylnder walls. Then finish off by spraying directly in the spark plug holes.
    4) disconnect the battery. You can store it in the ski, but some prefer to store it someplace outside of the ski. ie shed, garage shelf, basement, etc

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    Here is an even better idea. Get a wet suit and keep riding.

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