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    2006 Yamaha FX HO Wave Runner

    Oil lite lit up and hollering. Changed oil, cleaned out fuel system, running very good but lite won't quit hollering. Is there a re-set button?? Maybe

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    How many hours do you have on the ski? Has it been well maintained or did it have a sketchy past? (lack of oil changes, high rpm running etc.) You can hope that the oil pressure sending switch is not working. The manual indicates that if you apply more than 18psi to it is should show no continuity when you put a test meter on it. You will need a vacuum pump that has a pressure setting or you can use a bicycle pump and rig a hose to fit the threaded portion to apply pressure. Then hook a multimeter on it to test for continuity. One lead on the top, the other on the body of the switch. Sometimes "glop" (a technical term) gets into the switch and keeps it from working. If you spray it out with some brake clean, this might make it work...

    If what I just wrote you makes little or no sense, you can just buy a new one or borrow one from a friend that has a working FX HO and try it. My FX140 actually had a bad sending switch so there might be hope.

    Your next question will be where is it on the motor... Well, it is above the oil filter between the where the cylinder head ends and above the filter on the left side of the motor just in front of the oil tank on the engine block. It is almost impossible to see but you can get to it by feel. PM me if you need further instructions. Good luck.

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