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    Thinking about trading my '13 PX for a '13 TX

    Mine is in showroom condition with 18 hours and only in fresh water.

    Anybody interested ?

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    I have had them both and I will say I loved the PX, but the T-X was more of a all around ski. I was so glad I got a tx.
    To me the PX is a one person ski for cutting and carving and gettin it. BUT if you want to cruz and have a family ski it is not what you need. At slow speed it list to one side and a second rider is a work out. Im not saying it is not a bad ass ski, IM saying for me and my over all opinion the TX is the better all around ski. And for that matter out of the me all.

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    You will not regret getting a TX. I love the feel of the S3 hull.

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