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    Flame arrestor in intake manifold

    I am considering removing the flame arrestor from the intake manifold on my Xt 260, but can't help wondering why it was originally there? Going on from this, is it then a good idea to remove something that 'arrests' flames in an enclosed engine bay?

    Just curious to know the risk of removing it?

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    Remove it and pick up 1 psi of boost ...

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    Some people say that the external intercooler will do a similar job or act like a back up the flame arrester

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    Its is there to comply with some countries law.

    I would very much doubt that in the real world a flame could 'backfire' out the inlet manifold, through the throttle housing / butterfly, down the hose, through the intercooler, through another hose, through the supercharger, through another hose / airbox to get out into the open of the hull.

    This all at the same time the supercharger is forcing air under pressure in the opposite direction.

    That said, IF your hose was to come off the throttle housing then maybe you may see a flame there if you got a backfire.

    Just my thoughts.....

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    The IJSBA made a ruling that the intecooler is better than a normal type flame arrestor,
    I used a Stainless Steel screen with a 30 x 30 mesh just to keep debris out with my rear air, and the USCG recognizes that size as a valid flame arrestor,
    see section 8 below

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    I'm waiting to see someone put a small fuel line to an exhaust dump right out the back with a inline spark plug like a 60s muscle car that shoots flames ARREST THAT SHIT!!

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    Thanks guys - my flame arrestor will be toast this winter then

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    Mine is toast as by now

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