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    2010 RXT iS 260 - Check Engine Light - Code P060D ??

    Yesterday while riding slowly about 4,000 rpm the horn blew, check engine light came on, engine went to idle for a split second and code P060D came on. What does this mean? The engine returned to normal and I went back to my dock about 1/2 mile away. Shut it off, read the code (I think I remembered it correctly?) and then restarted, light was off and all was well. Another question was once the check engine light went off I couldn't figure out how to re-read the code?

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    Same story here, with resolution;
    Basically it's a loose electrical connector to the throttle body. Check those connectors first.
    Also, if the light came on with code, then went away-it could have been just a temporary issue that has since resolved itself. But still, read the above forum thread on what to check.

    As for reading the codes-there is a special combination of buttons, I think, to get the code(s) to come up.....someone will chime on on how. On my 13 GXT Limited, it's on the Display-I just cycle through the dash, and if there is a fault code, it's stored on the gauge until reset by the dealer.

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    Here's the connector, which is a single big one on a 2010. Hold the Start/Stop button down without the DESS key in until you hear one long beep. Code should be cleared. Give the connector a good squeeze. You may only feel a very minimal click, but that should be good enough.
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    Bringing up an old thread but same problem.

    Today idling through the marina giving P060D. After starting up again fault cleared.

    Found this thread and opened the big steering connector plug under the cluster.

    Now reading the shop manual and it seems to be the Throttle Accelerator Sensor, located behind the throttle lever.

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    Tomorrow gonna open the cover and gonna check the plug connector for moisture.

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