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    Problems with 03' FX 140 High Rev

    Hey everyone, heres the situation. I have a 2003 FX 140 on start up it would idle fine but then once you give it little throttle it stays reving high. I changed throttle body with one that worked perfect and since the throttle body had different wiring i also changed the the complete wiring harness with the working one. still gives me high revs. i put the computer on it and now it tell me valve bypass motor... This throttle body doesnt have that system, the one it had before did. not sure what else it could be.. tps is reading 1.97.. error code is 54

    Any help would be great thanks..

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    also does any one know the difference between the two yamaha computers 6B6 and 60E, i believe the 60E computers use the old school coil packs unlike the 6B6 which needs the 4 coils seperate. is there a difference with timing or throttle position? thanks.

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    I was able to fix the high rev problem by toying around with the throttle cable. But doesn't make sense that its giving me code 54 when this year didn't come with a bypass valve motor.

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    so i swapped another computer and throttle body took away the code 54 since this one brings the bypass motor, but now im back to square 1. idles fine give it throttle pass 4k goes down to 3k and stays there.. outside of water. i messed with the tps like how the other one that i fixed set it to 1.97. not sure what else to do... is it possible the engine doesnt belong or that i need to use the other computer without the coil pack.

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    Ok, while this might seem like an obvious question, are you sure that the throttle cable is not hanging up? In order for the ski to run at 3k, the butterflies on the throttle bodies have to be open enough to allow the rpms. That being said, try loosening the cable adjustment so that it takes a lot of travel to bring it up off of idle and see if the problem still occurs. The different computers, throttle bodies, wiring etc, have not changed the problem so I would make very sure that your cable or linkage is not binding in some way. Hell, just unhook the cable and run it by manually opening the throttle with your hand and see if the idle still stays high. Good luck. Like the lion says "Just my two cents".

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