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    Which impeller ?

    This is for the 04 RXP

    Right now with the R&D intake and mods in signature I'm turning between 8000 and 8100rpm depending on temps and a best GPS of 67.5mph.

    The R&D is being replaced with a 4" Kanaflex, should I also be looking for a new impeller ? 14/19 seems to be popular with bolt on mods.

    I would be happy to get into the low 70's which will piss off my buddy with a 2012 GTR.

    Thanks for the input.

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    14/19 sounds about right to me with your current mods. I have more mods than you and that's what im currently running, going to switch to 15/20r though

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    Definitely go with the 14/19R

    and don't forget to install a new wear ring

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    i have a 04 rxp only with a 14/19 i am doing 69.7mph and try to get te kanaglex to get air from the top it will help

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    Removing the R&D intake and replacing it with a 4" Kanaflex and installing a Riva rear exhaust I went from 67.5 to 68.8mph.

    Will the 14/19 effect holeshot and mid range acceleration ? I like arm straightening acceleration vs top speed so if the 14/19 sacrifices acceleration for top speed then I'll stick with the impeller I have.

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