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    Solas pitch & nozzle size to compliment my winter mod work

    So I have finally pulled together my winter mod shopping list and now just need help choosing the right Solas prop and nozzle size.

    The set-up I will be running will be;

    2012 RXT-X 260 aS
    Vtech 8350 map
    Riva fuel reg set to 58psi - non rising
    Inlet manifold flame arrestor removed
    4" Riva air intake
    Riva thru hull exhaust & waterbox
    Riva Gen III IC with solid pipework upgrade
    R&D grate
    SS w/r
    2 x Whale 650gph 'holy shit' bilge pumps

    I really don't want to start re-pitching the prop, so I am hanging on either a SZR-CD-15/19R or SZR-CD-15/20R or
    SRZ-CD-15/21A (really confused on if I need an A or not? isn't the A just to be sure the set back has been made? There doesn't appear to many A options?!?!

    Then there's the pump nozzle, should I swap out the stock oversized one for a 83.5mm OEM replacement?

    My aim is to pretty much stop my mods at this point (for now anyway), so I don't need to future proof things too much. I am looking for hole shot and acceleration over top speed (of course I'll take the top speed that will come from all of this, thank you). So it's not a pure MPH bragging game for me.

    In making all these mods, I want to make sure that I don't bounce off the limiter all the time, so I'd rather trade off a few rpm than have to start minor tweaking to max everything out.

    Go for it...........

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    If you want the best hole shot and acceleration use the 87mm hands down!
    15/21 should keep you below your limiter, when ready for more rpm try the 15/19.

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    Agree with what JPT said.. prop and nozzle..

    i'll be doing the same things over the winter.

    15/21a or 15/22, SS ring, 87mm Nozzle and flame arrestor removal..

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