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    Gas question FZR

    Hey guys was just wondering how long your gas lasts out there on the water i get a very low 2.5 - 3 hours on my engine before i run out how about you guys? and how do you guys deal with it on long trips?

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    We deal with it by not going full throttle everywhere...

    Your ski has 100+ mile range, but going full speed or Much over 6k will litterally drain the tank no time. Believe it or not, you dont HAVE to go full throttle on your ski to have fun. In fact, you end up seeing less on the water going so fast. Keep it at 5k which is 35-40 and youll be able to take that thing on loooong trips.

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    Wow! I get about 2.25hrs. That is two up riding in a river. I did try using the "L" mode for the first this last wweekend. Next time I'll try using it the entire ride. It was nice on the fingers.

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    reflashing the ECU will give some economy, stock skis get 5.55 miles per gal on average, I have seen 6.33 with my reflash

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    I havnt put gas in my ski in well over a week. Dove 6 times, loaded with gear, 2 people, each 15-20 miles and a few fun days to picnic island. You guys need to re-learn how to drive your ski, haha.

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    Rode with a buddy on his 07 FXHO and after the ride, he was at half tank while I was on the buzzer. Yes, we were moving quicker than 35-40, but was I to play keep up with a FXHO to save gas? Of course not. Ended up buying a FXHO myself and honestly ride it much more than my FZR. Seriously thinking of selling the FZR as I can ride a quicker pace at better fuel economy on the FXHO.

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    i made a post like this for my fzr like rickwhite said ill try and get my ecu flashed hope it works cause i was at 2 ish hours myself

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