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    Alternative for Sea Doo Synthetic Grease

    BRP parts prices are obscene and many times are not in stock at local dealerships. I now use Castrol Syntec 75W90 GL5 in the pump. I can buy it anywhere and for a much lower price than BRP pump oil.

    I would like to get some recommendations for an alternative to the Synthetic lithium based grease for the driveshaft carrier bearing. Is it just a NLGI-2 grease? I use Mystik JT-6 in all of my wheel bearings and ball joints with excellent results and it is much less expensive than the BRP stuff. Any recommendations appreciated.

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    If I change to another NLGI-2 grease, can I simply push grease until the new grease comes out of the bearing? I would think that would decrease any compatibility issues.

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