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    Difference in 130 vs 155 4tec

    Looking at buying a 07 GTI that was hydro-locked. What the difference in the 130 vs 155 engines, bore and stroke? I'm assuming both are NA.

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    The difference is that one has 25 HP more than the other, LOL.

    Seriously, the only difference between the two is a different cam and different ECU. All other engine parts are the same.

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    I hope you know what can happen to hydro locked skis after they've been cleaned out and up and running again..

    I've seen a few blow a rod thru the block within the 1st 10 hrs of riding..

    I'm not saying it always happens but it has happened.

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    I agree. As a precaution, I believe it is good practice to throw away connecting rods that have been in a hydrolocked engine. I also wont reuse a rod in a cylinder that has dropped a valve for the same reason.

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