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    Wavejumping/Water in Bilge

    I've got 12 hours on a 2013 GTR 215 and am starting to get a feel for this thing. I started jumping waves in the Gulf of Mexico with some of the other jet ski riders. After riding Im starting to notice very small puddles of water in the bilge, which I assume is normal as now Im splashing around alot more. My main questions:

    How much abuse can these skis take when going in the air and landing back in the water?

    How important is it to get every drop of water out of the bilge? I get a really good shoulders and bicep work out lifting the trailer up high for extended periods of time while water drains out the plugs. However, I can only do that for so long. Its salt water, and the puddles just seem to form at the bottom not really touching the engine or anything. I spray the hell out of the bilge with anti-corrosive spray after every ride.

    Anyone have any videos of good tricks or anything that we can learn to do on the skis?


    Ryan Pinner
    Destin, FL

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    I broke off 2 hood deflectors and my rear bumper on my rxtx. Make sure you land it ass first. I get water in the hull from around the seat. I spray it with fresh water and then use a shop vac. I blow the water off the engine then suck it up out of the hull. Then when its all dry I spray the brp spray over everything.

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    I also use a shop vac. Sometimes if I am doing a excessive wash I put my jack on a cinder block.

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    If you adjust your trailer to where the ski is back a little farther then it will make the tongue a lot lighter.

    Get an electric Bilge pump. The stock system doesn't always doo a great job.
    Land ASS 1st when jumping and check your motor mounts every so often to make sure they stay tight.

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