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    Unhappy '11 VXR nose diving after recall replacement

    Hi guys,
    Question for anyone with '11 VXR/VXS that has had the recall done. Any experience severe nose diving after the plastic was replaced?

    I keep reading about it before having the reinforced plastic piece, however not many people reported major issue mostly loss of power.

    However, today I had mine nose dive 3 times, every time I had to be doing about or over 60. Odd part is I was doing 60-70 most of the day without issue. Once it did it the first time I could duplicate it. There was no wake, smooth as glass the first 2 times. First time I was turning slightly and it nose dove toward the left @ a boat. I was standing, so my chest just hit the handle bars, but i thought I was going to be heading right for the bow of the oncoming boat (somersault style like a rag doll).

    After that, I was nervous, figure I hit something under the water (was high tide). Sped up to catch my brother, hit 60 again it just jerked me right down to the handle bars as it nose dove to the left again. I rode for another 10 minutes staying at 35 no issues.

    Caught my brother, beach them both on an island, checked my plastics and the nozzle, nothing felt loose. Checked how the other ski felt, I couldn't tell a difference.

    I wanted to know if I hit something or not, had him follow, in a choppy river (not bad, but not glass, had some bounce), I watch as I hit 58 mph, throttled more and before I could even brace myself I was tossed off. This time I was seated to help ensure no odd weight shifting. My brother said the ski just looked like it doves down in the water to the left as if I had turned all the sudden.

    Now, I have taken to the ocean to jump waves and such with this ski. Perhaps I cracked something?

    However, I am now concerned, as there is nothing I can see wrong. Its like I am turning to the right 100% out of no where, but it is so abrupt, I can't even react or take note of the steering twists in my hands.

    Hopefully, this is a easy fix, but it is scary as hell to have a machine that has 53 hours on it just all the sudden start diving and throwing you off. We have gone WOT numerous times, and now I don't know if I want to ever ride them.

    Any thoughts on the cause would be great. Checked it out of the water, and nothing appears loose that I can physically check.

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    Welcome to greenhulk! Check your intake grate. Look into tunnel /pump/prop area to see if anything is stuck. Check linkage for all hardware to steering nozzle. Verify no cracks in steering nozzle-look closely because cracks might not be visible unless under a load.. Verify sponsons ,grate and ride plate are secure and all hardware is there. Do you still have any warranty left? If so bring it in ...but I would check above items first on my own. Use the search option and also read known vxs/r problems in Yamaha 4 stroke section near top... Good luck

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    What recall are you talking about that they did?? Could you be more specific on this mysterious "plastic piece" that you speak of?

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    Im sure the recall is the exit nozzle....

    Sounds like the ride plate or intake grate bolts may be loose......

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    Lol, i know what the recall is....I was wanting to see if he knew. : )

    Anyways torqe specs on the ride plate are 12.5 lbs while the intake grate is 29.5 ....DO NOT get these confused and make sure you follow it exactly... Also, here is a link to my dropbox with your VXS it, add it your drop box and put the app on your phone...instant searchable pdfs on your phone at any time. once its in your drop box, and the file opened on your phone. you dont need internet or cellular reception to access to get to the file out on the water, no range...boom...manual...

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    Yeah the recall was the exit nozzle, 4 (maybe 6 bolts) on the back and it comes out. I watched the guy at the shop do it in 10 minutes. He put my orginals in a pile of 20 others.

    I will verify all those parts mentioned. Nothing was loose enough for me pull on and notice excessive play, but considering it was above 58 MPh it happens, I image that to be quite the load.

    Sad part is...if nothing it "broken" I am going to nervous to check that it is fixed. It is quite painful to be thrown...wrist, knees, ankles, and then whatever hits the water first is a bit sore or bruised after .

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    yes being thrown does suck. most of us have been there. some more than others...(guilty) do you have any mods done to your ski?

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    Id personally take the ski back to the shop and have them fix it before and let them know ahead of time and that you want to be put on the top of the repairs list. If he just removed the exit nozzle then there should be no reason the ride plate bolts would have been you said, a simple 10 minuet job.

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    kwtony: Thank you, I will confirm the "intake grate is 29.5". We did have to take those off twice now for debris getting stick in the impellers. I know I thread locked the grate bolts, but I didn't torque them. I just put them as tight as I could.

    1200 stx-r: Thank you, I have no warranty left, 3rd year with them, I felt "comfortable" with them.....hindsight

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    1200 stx-r: No these are stock....didn't want to touch them until Mr. Yamaha / GE Capital is paid off :P.

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